Mark Arsenault, co-owner of Arsenault & Associates, has more than two decades of experience in the graphic design, marketing and branding business. He has worked for a number of clients in his professional career, from small businesses and sole proprietors to large government agencies.

Mark has done consulting and product design work for countless authors, entrepreneurs, et al, including:

Jenna Eve (Beyond)
Seth Hulse (Control Measures)
Sam Kabert (Success with Swag(ger): Working with Virtual Assistants…)
Desiree Licerio (Mommy Always Comes Back)
Maggie Santangelo (Crossroads, The Mystic)

He’s also done work for a number of publishing companies, including:

Citizen Games
Crunchy Frog Games
Firefly Games
Gold Rush Games
Gold Rush Publishing
Grey Ghost Press, Inc.
Living Room Games

Other clients include nonprofit organizations, such as:

A Self-Help Assistance Program (ASAP)
Bruce Verhoeven Foundation
Face2Face Youth Group, Inc.
Game Publishers Association, Inc.
Sacramento Sheriff’s Activities League
Success Reentry Solutions


Government agencies our staff have done work for include:

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department
Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department